My three priorities for the ICA are Leadership, Communication and Growth

My three priorities for the ICA are Leadership, Communication and Growth


The leadership cooperatives need

The Alliance needs energetic leadership. We should be at the top table in global conversations with governments, opinion formers and international organisations, demonstrating clearly what cooperatives can do and why cooperatives should be treated the same as any other type of business. At a national level, I have demonstrated I can do this.


Communicating the purpose of cooperatives

We share strong values. But strong values without good communication wastes our opportunity to shape the global conversation. I will bring my proven communication skills to ensure that together we promote cooperatives effectively and consistently in all parts of the world.


Growing and thriving cooperatives

We must compete successfully. We need to grow cooperatives, grow the Alliance and grow awareness of our way of doing business. Increasing the number, size and reach of cooperatives will be at the heart of everything I do as President.

As President, I will:

Set a global commercial narrative to promote the distinct cooperative business purpose

Deliver a global cooperative framework for ESG reporting

Promote the adoption of highest standards in coop legislation

Develop and promote shared policy platforms for growth in cooperatives

Engage more cooperative and mutual businesses in the work of the ICA

Increase engagement with cooperative directors, especially women

Supporting young cooperators

Melina Morrison, 2012
2019 Canberra press conference
Breakfast on the Hill 2021