The challenge for cooperatives and the ICA

The challenge for cooperatives and the ICA

Globally, huge numbers of people face economic inequality and political instability. At the same time business too often still serves its own interests, leading to less equal economies and worsening climate risk.

Cooperatives have proven that they are the true sustainable business type, always with an equitable business purpose that has never been more relevant.

Cooperatives are well-placed to help solve the challenges we face. But we can only achieve this if our businesses are taken seriously by decision makers and opinion formers. Sadly, this is not the case today.

The ICA needs to respond radically and rapidly to meet this challenge, I believe I can provide the leadership we need.

Together, we can unleash the power of cooperatives.

Melina Morrison, 2022 BCCM Resilience Dinner
2019 Canberra press conference
National Launch of the United Nations Year of Co-Operatives 2012.
Breakfast on the Hill 2021